Prefabrication Services

Maximized Efficiency with Flawless Installation
Structural Design Build

At BIMTECH we provide structural design and engineering services in order to execute a high standard of delivery. In identifying the specifics of each panel from the start, we maximize project efficiency and ensure a flawless installation. Our design assistance program combined with our collaboration with our engineering partners allows your vision to come to life.

BIMTECH tackles the demand for speed and quality head on, by providing clients with the most efficient solutions in panel manufacturing and fabrication. We maximize schedule opportunities and strive to maintain cost effectiveness on every project. BIMTECH provides several prefabricated assemblies including CFMF Wall Panels, Metal Roof Truss Systems and Structural Floor Joist Systems.

Project Management

Project management and detailed planning is a major part of the fabrication process. Our experienced team of project managers goes the extra mile to uncover the complex challenges that our clients face, allowing for unparalleled execution. BIMTECH is able to consistently exceed customer expectations and deliver throughout all phases of the project – Planning, Execution, Deliver and Erection.

CFMF Wall Panels

Prefabricated construction can speed up progress and reduce the cost of labor and materials. Prefab walls and steel framing manufactured by BIMTECH can cut your enclosure time in half, accelerating your entire project timeline. Prefabrication construction is not new, but it’s gaining
prominence in the building industry. Light-gauge framing is a natural fit and is gaining popularity as the construction industry recognizes the need for faster, higher quality, and more sustainable

BIMTECH has embraced the use of prefabricated and LEAN Construction through the use of light-gauge steel framed wall panels, roof trusses, and floor systems and we have become a leader in this type of construction. Load bearing wall panels can be used in a post and beam-type design system serving market sectors of multifamily housing, healthcare, education, student housing, and hospitality that allows your building to be erected quickly, efficiently, and safely.

CFMF Trusses

Combining lightweight steel frame technology, advances in computer aided design, and streamlined manufacturing, has revolutionized building by making steel trusses the best option for many applications. The advantages of Steel Frame Solutions Steel Trusses for Commercial Construction Projects are:

  • Precision manufactured
  • Superior spanning capabilities
  • Fully bolted connections

Prefabrication Options

Most framing contractors stop at wall panels when it comes to prefabrication. BimTech continues to push prefabrication beyond wall panels with fabrication of components such as:

  • Simple Prefab: Wood
    • Blocking: In Wall/Railings
    • Parapet Caps/Sandwich Panels
    • Blocking: Windows/Doors
    • Various Rips: Shims/Infill
    • Parapet Sheathing
    • Stanchions/Safety Rails
  • Simple Prefab: Metal
    • Precut: Studs, Track, CRC, Hat Channel, Angle
    • Precut Clips
  • Simple Prefab: Drywall
    • Drywall Shapes
    • Window Returns
    • Tops
    • Precuts & Rips
    • Radius Pieces
  • Moderate Prefab:
    • Knee Walls
    • Parapet Walls
    • Hospital Head Walls
    • Exterior/Interior Soffits
    • Light Coves & Shade Pockets
    • Radius Soffits
  • Custom Prefab